I’m Rachel Finney: wife, teacher, learner, blogger, and world-traveler.

Several life events have led to the creation of this blog, particularly the experiences I had in college and the years following. Being a first generation college student, I expected to learn a lot, but I never imagined just how much my college years would change me and mold me into a completely different human being. After traveling to six different countries and teaching in a challenging, low-income school district, the way I see the world has changed dramatically.

Over the last few years, I’ve developed interests in literature, yoga, travel, teaching (English, Spanish, and ESL), trying new foods, meeting new friends, sharing stories, developing a healthy lifestyle, and learning new languages. I strive to be a well-rounded individual in many ways. My life’s goals can be categorized into four words: learn, grow, teach, go. These words have become a sort of “life mantra” for me. I constantly ask myself these questions: What can I learn today? How can I grow? What opportunities do I have to teach others something new? And where can I go next?

Learn. Grow. Teach. Go. These are the words I live by.  I invite you to join in on my experiences and to be inspired to live out your own.